Jung and the Hobbits

I’ve just read Where the Shadows Lie by Pia Skogemann, which I’d recommend for anyone interested in Lord of the Rings and Jungian psychology. Just before that I read The Individuated Hobbit by Timothy R. O’Neill. The latter is good to get an idea of some of Jung’s ideas and of how Jungian analisis can apply to LOTR, but I think the former is bit more professional and a much better insight into LOTR as an example of Jungian psychology. If you have an interest in either Jung, Tolkien, or both then I recommend these books! I’ve always appreciated the depth of Tolkien’s work but these have just lent that extra little bit to let me appreciate it more, and how it expresses universal truths relevant to know.

Well, I’ve got so much into the mood that I started reading The Hobbit. At the moment I am crossing the enchated stream in Murkwood! Should I start on LOTR again? Just as soon as I have finished the other ten or so books I have on the go…

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