But… Aren’t the Druids Extinct?

Ah, yes, good question. Well yes, basically; the pre-Christian tradition/institution/s that was/were found in Ireland, Britain, Gaul and possibly further afield. Not only were they a sacerdotal class of their culture but also the intellectual and political elite of their time! But they were all slaughtered by Romans and/or converted to Christianity, and whatever traditions they had remained in folklore, Bardic colleges and not a lot else.

But as you can see I am not extinct. I’m not part of any sacerdotal-political-intellectual class of my society, and I’ve never met a Roman from 2000 years ago.  I ‘ve never seen a pre-Christian tradition/institution because I was born into a Christian background in a world that is becoming more and more post-Christian. How far away from the original Druids can you get?

I’m a decidedly Modern Druid (in training) not an Ancient Druid (I’m using a computer if you haven’t noticed). Now what is a Modern Druid? That’ll have to wait for another blog…


One thought on “But… Aren’t the Druids Extinct?

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