Scientific Fantasies

Now, I love to speculate (that’s fantasising but with a lab coat) and consider new ideas and theories and “what ifs”, and there is a part of me that has an insatiable, carnivorous appetite for information but…

… how much of this speculation will put food on my table/clothe me/put a roof over my head/ create world peace/ end famine, drought,  disease, ecological disasters  etc./give me a sense that today has been a good and productive day? How much is a “what if…” worth?

Oh, never mind all of that; just speculate all you want because I’m sure one day, with all that thinking, we’ll eventually figure out time travel, and then all that time we’ve “wasted” speculating we can win back through time travel (tongue in cheek). So there might not be such a thing as a “waste of time”, perhaps, if we just invest enough money in it for the research…


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