Building Cardboard Castles

Growth? Just what is it?

Everyone’s saying “growth this” and “growth that” and “the nation’s growthhas stalled” and “we’ve got to encourage more growth”. Growth in  what? Growth towards what? Growth guided by what? Growth for the sake of what?

Apparently it’s that thing that all “civilised” nations are working towards, but I just get the feeling that it’s all just building cardboard castles and that all this “economic growth” and “the growth of industries” is something people invent in order to make it seem that we’re heading towards a “better world”, that the only thing that is growing is the appearance of growth.

If this is the case then the economy is built on peoples dreams and fantasies and not the reality of what the world is. And if this is the case then we should strive to bring our economy “down to earth” before the earth brings it down for us.

Here’s something that I think should “grow” more than industries: appreciation and value for the simple things in life and not for the next expensive gadget, lol. 😉


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