Roman Tarraco

I went to Tarragona to do the tourist thing again; it never gets boring as the history is very deep. You can’t dig anywhere without finding a bit of archeology.

“You’ve found an ancient Cessetani* coin under a lettuce root? Throw it with the others…”

They built a shopping centre with an underground car park and kept some archeology there on display instead of just demolishing it to make more car park.

It’s typical of Spain to have a juxtaposition of new and old – they build a brand new sparkling skyscraper with all the mod cons and next door there’s a goatherd grazing his goats (for instance) – but Tarragona has really gone all out, building flats on the old Roman walls – apparently the oldest Roman walls outside of Italy – and sunbathing on a beach next to an ampitheatre/church/prison/tourist attraction (depending on what era you’re looking at).

2000 years or so of history; I don’t think I’m going to get bored any time soon, lol.

* name of pre-Roman Iberian tribe in and around Tarragona area.