Spanis-Laik Inglis

Sometimes I have a little interest in finding nyu weys tu rait Inglis. Once I experimented with writing ALL IN CAPTALS, WITH NO PUNCTUATION AND N VWLS S YD ND P WRTNG LK THS. For Jake Fish’s story I created the Nyoo Alfêbet, based on a more phonetic alphabet of (my) English: if yoo wont too sii dhat môr in depth dhen pliiz sii hiêr: Nyoo Alfêbet.

Well, last night I was experimenting with Spanish which, compared to English, has a more limited yet more phonetically faithful alphabet. Using it’s rules in spelling and pronunciation, including accents, you can come to some interesting results:

Iu jaf tu now dat sam leters, laik “u” as in “bug” ar not present in Spanis, and for dat mater nicer is “sh”, and de Inglis “j” iusuali cams aut laik “y” from de Spanis mauz. Ai cud gow on bat ai down’t wont tu bor iu.

Don’t mind me, I’m just playing. 😉

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