My Ancestry

Recently I had an offer from someone to helpy me with a bit of my family tree and though I knew a bit, I now know a lot more! At one point it goes back 11 generations with the earliest year being 1627 (I haven’t told my family yet, so they might be in for a surprise if they read this…), that’s before the English Civil War!

I have various roots around England: Sussex, Middlesex, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, London, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Essex, Cheshire and Staffordshire. There’s also Scottish roots from Islay, and Argyle and Bute, then there’s Irish roots in Dublin and Donegal. I just need someone Welsh to complete this picture! (there’s one that has, I think, a Welsh surname…). Then there were rumours of German ancestry on one side of my family, who, I found out, was born in the city of Hanover. But I discovered there was a German surname somewhere else that I didn’t expect.

Emmigration seems to be in my blood, so now I live in Spain and my girlfriend is Swiss with German and possibly Italian/Sicillian roots. If we have kids then they’ll have quite a heritage!

The whole idea of “belonging” somewhere is getting stretched a bit… 🙂