It’s an Author Thing…

Just finished the first chapter of The Novel. Sent it off to my tutor at the London School of Journalism, which is a relief as I had written most of it, but hadn’t got round to finishing off the end and was trying to find the time in which to do it.

So far it’s a stone age in a fantasy world of my own creation, the fantasy starting with the type of animals I am inventing (oh and extraterrestrial “soul mirrors”, but that’s for another time). I found some cards with different animals in them and, as a challenge, I took two and made a different creature out of them by combining them. There was a dog x tiger, a deer x frog, a peacock x crow, dolphin x spider, fish x butterfly, bear x goat and a monkey x caribou. I can’t imagine a caribou swinging through the trees, but I’ll give it a try!

Somehow I’ve got to make the credibly outlandish, and yet not too outlandish, and that’s the challenge. I think I have actually managed to sort out the combo of hooves and webbed-feet for the deer x frog, and if I can do that I think I don’t see the others as impossible.


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