Energy Consciousness

I remember the good old days, you know, when energy was cheap and was available all the time. No need for budgets, meters or restrictions on use. Yep, those were the days. That was when energy was leaking black from the ground all over the place and when even the sky wasn’t the limit. I think the limit was somewhere just beyond the moon…

But that was when we took things for granted and frankly just didn’t appreciate what we had; we didn’t notice it until it stopped being so cheap. We’re better off now in a way: we actually have to think about what we do with energy and use it intelligently. It’s cold in winter, but when you’re sitting right next to a warm fireplace you know what it means to have energy to keep you warm, and that to have it takes a bit of brainpower and a real valuing of it. And the earth’s better off; it deserves an intelligent, thinking, appreciative humanity, and it has that now for the most part.

Well, now I come to think of it, really, I suppose, that’s part of the good new days!