Custodia del Territorio…

… or Land Stewardship Scheme.

This past Monday we signed a contract between ourselves at the Earth Sanctuary and CEN (Asociación para la Conservación de los Ecosistemas Naturales). This has been a while in the making and my girlfriend, Mika, has been blogging about this for a while on her blog (it’s all in Spanish).

This opens up a lot of potential for them as well as us. There’s a lot of land that we have, a lot of it wild forest, but some which we are using or will use for projects in agriculture, ecology and other possible projects, and for CEN and associated groups there’s the possibility for scientific studies too for scientists and students. Much of the land won’t be used, just protected as a “wild space”, so not only humans will benefit from this!


One thought on “Custodia del Territorio…

  1. Just to reiterate what I’ve said elsewhere – this is fantastic news. Am so happy for you all, and wish you well at the Earth Sanctuary. x

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