Comics in Spanish

Sometimes the best places to start reading are kids books and comics, anything with pictures and images so that you can see what’s going on as well as read what’s going on. The other day I picked up an old copy of the Uncanny X-Men from the library in Spanish – La imposible Patrulla-X. I’ve been able to read some Spanish for a while now, and have already read through two books, but usually I have to think about what I am reading. However, the other day I got to the bottom of one page and realised… I hadn’t thought about what language I was reading! I just understood what I was reading without thinking about it.

Being able to read Spanish I realise that I can also understand other Latin-based languages to a lesser or greater degree like Catalan, French, Portuguese and Italian. If I can learn Spanish, why not expand on my repertoire! I already understand some French since I hear it each and every day as well as Spanish. After that Catalan is just a step away.

The other day I managed to get into a short conversation with a Catalan plumber in Spanish about the weather and dogs – so it’s not just English then. I could understand him and I could make myself understood too, which is always a pleasant suprise. Makes me wonder just how much my brain has changed in learning Spanish and some French.