Background or Story?

That is the question!

What’s more important in fiction writing, the background or the story?

I have to confess that I find it much more interesting to build up a whole world, inventing places, peoples, religions, creatures and societies than I do writing the actual story, which can often seem laborious. So whilst writing a story I could easily get sidetracked into explaining the world which my characters are moving around in.

But that’s the challenge if I am to write a novel: how do I keep the story flowing and yet also introduce the context without interrupting the flow? The trick is to do it in little bits so that the reader can build up a fairly comprehensive picture and just keep the characters doing stuff and talking.

And if there’s so much information about the world that I can’t share it all in a novel I can always add it as an appendix a la Tolkein, or even write a special encyclopedia for it! lol


One thought on “Background or Story?

  1. Hehe we’re so in agreement here, lol. Both as to the world construction being of more interest than the story and as to how to show that world within the story 🙂 I can become completely wrapped up in the world and forget the story, which was the reason for creating the world, entirely. Great fun, though. Good luck with your own creations x

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