After Life

There are two ways to interpret this: will I still exist after I die? or in what sort of state will I be leaving the world in?

Both concern continuity, but one is continuity of an ego, whilst the other is continuity of world and my actions in it. When I think of dying, am I thinking of myself or of the world? Which is more important?

My priorities have changed, and now my concerns have become far less “unworldly” and now I look more to what is happening in the world and how I leave it behind. The afterlife can wait, if there is one. I am “incarnated”, and I will not dishonour this incarnation by seeking something has no relevance to my living, breathing, bodily existence.

So when I ask myself “what next” it is always about the after-life that lives beyond my mortal limit, the continuity that transcends me. I am living a life and from this living arise consequences that will affect those that live after me; I don’t live in a bubble where I don’t affect the world and the world doesn’t affect me.

Continuity is found in the living breathe embodiments that live beyond and after me; it is a flame that passes down through time, and it my honour to carry this flame for a while and then pass it to others.

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