Low Church Druidry

It’s a no frills Druidry, a “my whole life is a ritual” Druidry. It’s “hold the bells and whistles” Druidry (sort of).

It’s like the Low Church rather than the High Church, more like Protestantism than Catholicism, or more like philosophical Taoism than religious Taoism – if I’m to name any precedents.

It’s not that I don’t do ritual, I do, but I see the whole of life as a living, breathing ritual, which makes formal, scripted ritual a bit superfluous. Although, I must say, sometimes it’s fun to suspend disbelief and just let imagination mingle with the world through symbolic actions and objects. But that’s art, something I can do through writing stories and drawing pictures.

Okay, sometimes I do indulge in “bells and whistles” Druidry, I can’t deny it has its fun and creative side, but the symbols are just symbols, signposts to something else, that’s all. There’s a living, breathing reality that they represent, where my druidry is getting to grips with the grit of life.

Jane’s Journey

The other day I saw Jane’s Story on DVD (El viaje de Jane).

Of course I’ve heard of Jane Goodall, of course I know that she has worked with chimpanzees, but I didn’t know the activist side of her work, which extends to more than just protecting chimps and their habitats. Through projects like Roots and Shoots she’s working to educate and give people a way to take initiative.

The only reason we need to “save the chimps/whales/planet” is because we aren’t saving ourselves. If we would “save ourselves” the planet wouldn’t have so many problems. And in a way that’s what Jane Goodall has been doing, giving people the opportunity to “save themselves”, and not become another cause of problems on this beautiful planet.