Here There Be Dragons

To the north of me – some way inland from Barcelona – there is a dragon. It’s body stands out from the land around it, a long rocky shape with a jagged ridge on its back. It is a sleeping dragon that has been there for a long, long time, and may be there for a long time yet.

I am talking about Montserrat (lit: serrated/jagged mountain); whenever I see it I am impressed by it’s shape. Geologically it is distinctive, and it stands out from the pine covered hills that surround it. It has a length, with a tail end and head end, and looks for all the world as though a dragon has come along and is sleeping just there. It is also a shrine to a Black Madonna, a fitting symbol for something with roots in the Pagan, earth- and Goddess-worshipping past. The Goddess and her dragons are still alive and well in these lands, hidden in plain sight.


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