Nature is my Yardstick

There’s a huge multitude of beliefs, doctrines, practices, methods etc etc etc floating around the world that it’s hard to know just where to go with it all, so I was glad to have discovered nature-based spirituality. If ever I was confused I could just look to nature for examples; it would help me streamline a lot of my thinking and get down to basics.

Slowly I started seeing that so many ideas were created for and by humans, and what their use was. Slowly nature showed me what it is to be one with nature, yet also to be one with ones own human nature. The Ecomystic in me sought “mystical union” with nature and found it through being human and living a fulfilling life as a human being “at one” with nature.

The union I found was an inner mystical feeling, yet also expressed itself self through the sensual and ecological relationships; it was a union of both the inner and outer.