The Socratic Contradiction

I’m really interested in the Socratic method and consider Socrates a bit of a hero for it, and philosophy would not get very far without it to be honest, but…

… there’s one thing that I don’t get, and that is how can a man say “I am a citizen of the world” yet when given the choice between drinking the hemlock and being exiled from Athens he chooses to kill himself? Was there no “world” beyond Athens or Greece? (which could well have been true to a “civilised” man). That’s a conundrum I’d like to ask Socrates about (with his own method, lol).

But the contradiction of the contradiction is this: if he was still around to be asked this then there’d be no need to ask this question, would there? Not only that, we’d probably have a very different question for him like: how have you managed to live for 2480 years?