Socratic Contradiction Resolved(ish)

If Plato can do it then so can I…

Me: Hey, Socrates, did you say “I am a citizen of the world”?

Socrates: No, that was attributed to me.

M: Really?

S: Naaah! Just joshing, I did actually say it. There’s a lot of things I really said and then there’s things that I “said” if you get my meaning. I’m half history, half fiction.

M: Okay, so you did say that. But then when you were faced with exile from Athens you opted for death instead. Couldn’t you have made your home elsewhere?

S: Have you seen the world outside of Athens?

M: Well, to tell you the truth I’ve never been in Athens.

S: Oh dear, poor you. Well, as you know, everywhere outside Athens is lawless and full of barbarians.

M: Yeah, I guess so…

S: And you know the saying, it is better to be dead than be a barbarian (or a Spartan!).

M: So you live by sayings? I thought you were more questioning than that, that’s what the Socratic method is about: questioning unquestioned assumptions.

S: Don’t believe everything you read about me.

M: So you really are part fiction?

S: What’s with all the questions?

M: Well, it’s your method…

S: Is it? Oh, well then…