Diccionario Español

My Spanish has improved to the extent that I don’t need to look in my Spanish-English dictionary to see a word, I can now go to the Real Academia Española and read the meaing of a word in Spanish.

Un día podría ser que abro un blog que voy a llamar “Un druida en entrenamiento”… but not until I’ve improved my written Spanish and can speak fluently.

In the meantime I can watch my sobrino overtake me in Spanish and then teach me. It’s amazing how the young mind is a sponge for language, not like the older mind, which is a sponge, but it can already be “soggy” from previous learnings lol. I’ll just have to work hard at it is all (erm…tengo que trabajar ¿duro se puede decir?… bueno, mucho para aprender… yes, still a bit to learn)

The Spiritual Life and Living Spirituality

A few times I hear things like “I’ve got to put aside my spirituality for a while and concentrate on real life.” One time I spoke to a mother and she said to me “I used to be into spiritual stuff but then I became a mother. But now the kids are older I’m able to explore spiritual stuff again.” Makes me wonder what she meant by “spiritual”, is caring for and educating the next generarion somehow unspiritual? I suppose she meant she couldn’t meditate, do ritual or contemplate the meaning of life whilst she was meditating on the growth, care and development of her children, which is very understandable, just not unspiritual. Quite the opposite I feel.

In an OBOD context I’ve seen people saying “I’m putting aside the course because I need to sort some things out in my life”, but sometimes it is said in a way that means their whole spiritual journey is put on hold while they sort out “real life issues”. I can understand the course itself being put aside, because doing a course like that does take time and energy to do, but the course, or the journey of which it is a part of, doesn’t disapear, it just takes on more living dimensions.

I made the suggestion to one person that they hadn’t put the course aside but that they were just going deeper into the subject matter, that of life itself.

“I like you”…

… is a very romantic thing to say.

It can be used in a “I like ice cream” or “I like sunny weather” or “I like it when I don’t have to work”, which just isn’t romantic.

No, what I mean is that it can used in a “I value, love and appreciate who you are” and “I don’t have to just put up with you, I can relate with you.”

When you really like someone love follows naturally.