Diccionario Español

My Spanish has improved to the extent that I don’t need to look in my Spanish-English dictionary to see a word, I can now go to the Real Academia Española and read the meaing of a word in Spanish.

Un día podría ser que abro un blog que voy a llamar “Un druida en entrenamiento”… but not until I’ve improved my written Spanish and can speak fluently.

In the meantime I can watch my sobrino overtake me in Spanish and then teach me. It’s amazing how the young mind is a sponge for language, not like the older mind, which is a sponge, but it can already be “soggy” from previous learnings lol. I’ll just have to work hard at it is all (erm…tengo que trabajar ¿duro se puede decir?… bueno, mucho para aprender… yes, still a bit to learn)

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