Druid Academia

I’ve been thinking… I’ve got to do more to become a druid. I mean, they were the intellectual elite of their day, and though I can’t go and sit in a sacred grove to be taught traditional druid lore (cos it’s extinct) by a druid of old, I can take up the closest equivalent: university.

It’ll be so easy; I’ll get a degree, or doctorate, or whatever you get from universities, wear a long white robe, grow a long white beard, and that’ll be it, I’ll be a proper modern day druid! Oxford or Cambridge, here I come (either one of those two, I’m not fussy…)

Or maybe I should sit in a grove and visualise a Druid of Old teaching me for ten or so years? Okay, silly suggestion, just considering my options.

Alright, silliness aside, if modern druids don’t have to go to university to tick off the academic box in the “I’m a Real Druid” list, where does education fit in to modern druidry? Does it really take a correspondence course, or is there more?

Very important questions, but I think I’ll leave them for another day. There’s a nice comfy bed calling to me.

Good night.


4 thoughts on “Druid Academia

  1. …You have written about Druidry – extensively – in other places, and have even been quoted on the website of said “correspondence course” (OBOD?). You´ve got an Internet connection and resources. (Not mentioning Amazon, and the fact that you are finishing the correspondence course, etc.) The solution is to design your own curriculum.
    One day YOU will be the Real Druid to whom Bards, Ovates en Druids-in-Training will flock to.
    There is no Druid School?…
    Create one!


    Or…were you joking?

  2. There’s got to be more to Druid Education than a correspondence course (thinking OBOD mainly, but there are others), but that’s for a future blog 😀

    A Druid School would be a good start. Perhaps even conduct lessons in woodland Sacred Groves just like the Druid of Old 😉

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