Seeker of Knowledge, Seeker of Transformation

There came a time for me when I stopped seeking knowledge for knowledge’s sake, but instead looked to be transformed by information, that it would enter me and evoke some change. Each piece of information acts like a key deep within, unlocking something, and creating new pathways between neurons.

Curiosity led me not on a path of knowing but of transformation, which itself becomes a path of knowing as I gained the experience of navigating through a world replete with diverse information, and also gained insights into myself as to what and how I think. My old ways of thinking were questioned and disturbed until I had nothing to cling onto except my own sense of who I was and my experience. I wasn’t learning just to think new things but learning to think in new waystoo.

In the process of learning there is a deeper process of transformation and development, and expanding the horizons on the way we think. How can information be detached and objective when it affects us so deeply? Learning need not be dry intellectualism nor passive submission, there is a whole adventure to be had!

2 thoughts on “Seeker of Knowledge, Seeker of Transformation

  1. I smiled when I read your post, as it reminds me of some of the academic work I have been struggling with. What I mean is that it seems that knowledge may just be some form of information, but it is our own personal meaning-making that we do with this that leads to the transformation you mentioned.

    I am wondering what occurred that made you share this . . .


    • Meaning-making is a good term for it. Through learning or research we are trying to make sense of things.

      This came up after a conversation I had with someone that thinks all that “intellectual stuff” isn’t useful or a bit dogmatic. It started me on a thread that created this blog. 🙂

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