¡Cinco años!

Hace cinco años que vivo en España.

Five years to the day! How it’s flown by.

I’d never thought I’d be living outside of the British Isles, but that’s not how Destiny works. It doesn’t follow predictable and comfortable lines. It’s something that transcends what you know about the world and yourself, and takes you beyond those. Yet it feels so right, and if you trust your intuition then you won’t go places that feel wrong.

Here’s to following your destiny!


4 thoughts on “¡Cinco años!

  1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realise that I keep telling people it’s 4 years ! Well I never thought you’d leave either so you weren’t the only one surprised!
    you were definately the last person I imagined to leave not only home but the country! surprises amd lesseons all round

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