Oh dear…

I have in my hand The Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder, and already I have figured out a few basic rules to my language. I could get carried away with this.

I’ve created the personal pronouns, and started on other pronouns, I’ve created forms for verbs and nouns, and created a few of each (mostly verbs), I have tenses (though still trying to work out verb aspects), a negative suffix, singular and plural, and I’ve still got to get my head around all the grammatical terms! How many times do I have to look up the term “aspects”???

Om alahirtel alahith, omon erefiwt. – I do not speak Alahithian, I am learning it. (I’d say “creating it” but haven’t invented that word yet…)

In Alahithian it is know as alahith, which also means “the speech” and is derived from the verb alahir, “to speak”. Language is alahish and languages, alahizh.

For a phonetic reference see dhê nyoo alfêbet (and yes, I’ve even created my own alphabet for this language LOL): http://jakefishoutofwater.wordpress.com/nyoo-alfebet/

And then there’s The Planet Construction Kit by the same author… Om onedoy thefiw (I’m going to think).

2 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. Fran – if you read this…I would say that he HAS been carried away, lol. You can hear him mumbling to himself everywhere he goes, the kitchen, the car, the supermarket (!) and he has this far-away look, you know…;-)
    It´s great fun to see him that passionate about his creation! Next thing we will probably all receive X-mas wishes in Alahitian!!! (Yeahhh, awesome, I´m all for it!)

    And by the by, Fran, my best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  2. Hehe you’re doing well! Alahithian sounds good – I confess that I still don’t have a name for my own language! Plus I’ve been ‘resting’ from constructing both language and world for a while. Glad you found both books useful and that they’ve spurred you on. Although I know what you mean by getting carried away – I was completely engrossed in my own linguistic forays for ages and plan to return soon. 🙂

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