… or constructed languages.

In an earlier blog I mentioned I have the Language Construction Kit and was creating a language, and I’ve been doing stuff with it.

Well make that two languages. There is Alahithian (alahitiano in Spanish and Alahitien in French), and now there is Gnoughish. There a third without a name that I’ve experimented with a bit, but want to concentrate on Alahithian and Gnoughish.

Alahithian looks quite foreign with a spelling system unlike West European languages, whereas Gnoughish I’ve made by copying any Modern English with Old English roots, though with a made-up vocabulary. A lot of the grammar, such as word order, is the same, at least until I’ve experimented a bit more with it.

Boror bik alahep alahith* – this language is Alahithian (lit. This tongue is called Alahithian, and word for word it’s: (to) call this tongue Alahithian)

Chin frold eampt Gnoughish – this language (lit. speech) is Gnoughish.

*notice the similarity between alahep (tongue) and alahith (Alahithian), which both share the same root.

Here’s an example of a poem of mine written in the Alahithian script, sebus (lit. writing):

Questions on Reality

What is your idea of reality? Is it something abstract or something right in front of you and within you?

I just played 20 Questions on a website and decided to test the program on “reality”. The program learns from the answers people give it, and most of the answers other people have given are “no” or “doubtful”.

Can you pick it up? No.

Can you see it? No.

Does it see? No.

Does it exist? Doubtful.

If it slaps you in the face will it hurt??? Maybe.

What are they thinking reality is? That’s the question that’s got me stumped lol.

I answered “Yes” to all the questions because there are lots of things that you can do with reality (or parts of it) and that it does.

Does reality write and read blogs? Yes.