Stone Age Reminiscence

When was the first time you went on a computer? When was the first time you got on the Internet?

Septembet 1999. That’s when I first got on the Internet; before that it was something that the schools resident nerds would go on. Now it seems everyone is doing it. Just last week I met a medicine man from an isolated tribe with no connections to civilisation whatsoever, on a chat (alright, I’m joking, but can you imagine?!). It seems indispensible now.

I’ve got a reason for remembering it this: I’ve been for a few years on dial-up. Just to remind you more advanced folks that’s where you have to dial to establish an Internet connection, and after that everything comes very slowly, two minutes of Youtube take half an hour to download, if at all. Now I’m back on broadband (or banda ancha as they call it here), and that probably means I’ll be doing more on this blog too.

Por fin!


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