Old Crafts

I love old crafts, there’s something very satifying about them: the tools used, the simple techniques that require just two hands, being in and working with nature, the meditation even!

Most days, for my goats, I cut branches to feed them with; this creates piles of eaten branches that don’t do anything, they just pile up. So it’s interesting to try to find out what we can do with them, and most of the answers come from old crafts.

Over the winter it’s easy: fire wood. But now it’s summer and we only use it for the occasional barbecue?

How about walking sticks? I can take a few good ones, but the fact is not many of them are useful for that because of size, shape, workability, condition, etc.. But that is something I want to do, or at least practice. Apparently it takes almost a year to dry sticks, so I’ll selecy a few but may have to wait a while.

Or even hedgelaying! This took me back to my college days. We don’t have any hedges to lay (a technique of renewal for old hedges), but we made stakes and wove some branches between them (you can see it described here; although in Spanish, you can see some nice pictures). This is something we can do in a few places, especially as we have a lot of terraces that end with sharp drops, and it’ll create a suitable “rural” feel to the place.

The thing with old crafts, or a lot of them, is that they make use of a lot of things, with very few waste. Isn’t that a practice we can make use of?