Barley Craft

Talking of crafts, it’s getting quite hot and there’s nothing like, after a hard days work, pulling out a nice cool beer from the fridge to get a bit refreshed. Maybe, instead of buying beers I can make some? Another interesting craft that’s satifying in the doing and consuming – along with home-layed eggs and home-grown vegetables, yum! There’s something good about knowing where your food comes from.

I picked up a book – Home Brewing by John Parkes – and the processes it describes are complicated, and maybe I don’t have to go through buying barley, sowing it in a field just to make a few pints per year. But I can buy a few basic ingredients and do something with that. At least learn the process of fermenting before malting the barley, and see where I go from there.

So many years of appreciating this drink – and the many varieties thereof – but not knowing what’s behind it, except that the ingredients tend to be barley, water and hops – and that’s not saying much.

Now, ‘scuse me, there’s something in the fridge, waiting for me.


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