The Planet’s Gut Feeling

There are so many values, so many points of view in the world that it’s sometimes hard to know where we stand. There are extremists of all kinds, and even the moderates can be a bit too extreme in their view! Maybe not take any values at all and allow all? No thanks, that doesn’t sit well with my gut feeling. My conscience has a very physical presence in my body, you know.

And if the world listened to its body? I don’t only mean my body and your body, though that’s an important part of it, I mean the Earth itself. There’s a deep correspondence between our bodies and the world, something deep in our nature that responds to the planet’s wellbeing.

And if we look at what happens in the world and take notice of the sensation it gives the body? I think there are signals there that we don’t always pay attention to, something that we are taught not to pay attention to.

We ignore what our gut tells us and we ignore what the planet tells us, and I’ve got a gut feeling these are connected somehow, lol.


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