Blah blah blah at you?

One of my favourites expressions: Don’t talk at me, talk to me.

(hey you)

Because “talking at” doesn’t consider there is another person on the receiving end, that they have thoughts and feelings of their own that deserve consideration.

(great new offer)

“Talking to” someone means you acknowledge their presence, their “sacred otherness”.

(100% effective)

We’re surrounded by messages that talk at us, and don’t allow us to feel or think for ourselves. We just numb ourselves to it, or learn to filter it out of our thoughts, but this still affects us. It’s just not conscious.

(but don’t buy it, because you don’t need it)

It’s easy on the Internet to talk at people. It’s so big and anonymous that it’s easy to forget that there’s another person at the other end, with their own thoughts and feelings, their own personal story that might or might not have anything to do with mine.

(I’m going to stare at some trees, they don’t have flashy signs, nor Facebook… yet)

Take care, you 🙂