Talking History

A while ago I had an idea about writing interviews with historical personalities. I did it before with Socrates and thought it was quite fun, and a couple of weeks ago I did one with King George III (the “mad one”). This one’s just a bit of fun, but I thought about more serious stuff (not much more, but a bit), perhaps talk with a load of philosophers, or even monarchs? Though always with an underlying humour.


ACB (that’s me): Hello

MKG: I’m a teapot!

ACB: Yes, so I see. Not very convincing.

MKG: What!?

ACB: I mean…

MKG: Careful of the Kettle Republicans, they’re out to pour boiling water in me to make tea!!! I won’t have that, NO!!! not at all…

ACB: Erm, yes, terrible. Kettles shouldn’t do that to teapots… I suppose.

MKG: Tea?

ACB: …

MKG: Ich bin könig!

ACB: Sorry, I don’t speak German.

MKG: Tiddles! Where are you boy, come here, Tiddles? Dinnsey Timesey, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

ACB: I see, I don’t think I’ll get much from you. Thank you anyway.

MKG: Babi bimbi boombi blaaaaah

ACB: Right, I’ll leave you to it. Bye.

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