Patterns of Speech

This is something that’s been a draft for a while, and I hadn’t published it. So here it is. 🙂

I’ve been asleep or something! It’s like looking at a computer program and seeing the code that constructs it, or like seeing the streaking green Matrix-code behind the Matrix-world. I’ve been learning so many grammatical concepts (some understood, some not and many in a twilight in between) and beginning to see the structure of sentences in a different light. It makes learning languages easier: I think once you have the basics of a languages grammar (word order etc.) then the only barrier is the vocabulary and its use (and that’s not too hard if you immerse yourself in it). I can look at another languages grammar and understand some of it without having to learn the whole language.

It can get very technical, but I think there’s something artistic in the structure of language: the concepts and the structure used. There’s something quite creative in it, and it’s fascinating to think that there are many different ways of explaining the same thing, grammatical structures that at first glance aren’t the same, and may have contradictory meanings across cultures, but actually mean the same thing!