The Fiction Zone

You pick up a good novel, you press play on your DVD and you get involved with the story. It doesn’t matter if the world represented isn’t real, it doesn’t matter if the characters aren’t real, but you’ll happily enter into it, even invest your emotions as you follow the characters through their own journey. You feel sympathy, empathy, antagonism and worry. You’re fully involved, you are in The Fiction Zone.

And then you put down the book; you switch off the TV, and reality is still there. You’ve suspended your disbelief (it was in space, it was in Middle Earth, it was an alien armada, it was a dragon) momentarily to enter into a new experience, a new perspective, with the imagination as your guide.

You’d not lost your reasoning nor common sense, they just subsided into the background;  not gone, but not central. You don’t become delusional, because you have a sense of reality, a good orientation to it, and yet you can enter into another mode of thinking and feeling, in contact with the imagination. This is The Fiction Zone.

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