IMG_63825:00 teatime: does it exist?

A few people I’ve met seem to be familiar with “5:00 teatime”, and yet I’m not. And I’m English.

Okay, there is a time in the afternoon when it’s customary, and I remember on day trips to my granny’s a time in the afternoon, after lunch and before dinner, when we’d have tea, scones, buns, cake and scotch pancakes. But I don’t remember 5:00 as a specific time for tea.

In fact when isn’t it time for tea? You wake up, tea. You leave for work, but just before that, tea. You get to work and put the kettle on. Break times and lunch time are certainly times for tea, and if you work in an office or shop it’s always good to have a tea on hand. Then you get home, tea. Perhaps more teas before or after dinner, and just before going to bed… tea!

Just 5:00? Oh, it’s far worse than that: it’s just about any spare moment…


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