Spring Equinox

Hazel bud

Hazel bud

The winter seems to have been brief and quite mild. Usually we have to turn on the outside tap to stop the pipes from freezing, but none of that. Instead the birds are singing, the fruit trees are blooming, and flowers are popping up everywhere. It’s still cold, we still have a few weeks using the fireplace before it gets warmer, but spring is certainly on its way.

Now, aren’t druids supposed to do something at certain times of year, with rituals and festivals? Don’t we go out in our robes, stand in circles and do druidic things? Chanting, singing and dancing? Yes. And no.

I have done those things, and sometimes I make little symbolic gestures, something very simple and intuitive, but not the whole scripted version with (sometimes literally) bells on. For me it suffices to watch the seasons change; since I live in the middle of the countryside, it’s hard to avoid. And then there are the rituals that permeate my life, actions and activities that have a certain consistency in my life. But more importantly I think there is a ritualistic attitude, a sense of observation about the ebb and flow of life, and maintaining a balance or equilibrium.

For me ritual is about finding a thread, a point of stability in life, and staying taking that from the ritual to experience it in life (because it’s got to be important in living). It is not a “special ceremony” performed at a “special time”, it is a way of life. Okay, sometimes I might dress up, I might “evoke the gods” (even if they are imaginary), I might even spontaneously howl at the moon sometimes, but that’s for the sheer fun of it, not an important part of my druidry.

This Spring Equinox I’m going to watch the flowers bloom.

Happy Ostara!


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