The Search for the Other Half

The other day I was talking about the differences between “other half” and “significant other”, and that I would much rather have a relationship with “my significant other “. Personalities are complex and “incomplete”, and we are often forced to look for those holes in us, perhaps in other people. But if we don’t find it in other people, or refuse to, where then can we find the “other half” that would complete us?

Could it be that as we grow up we shun the parts of ourselves that are “unacceptable” and let them sink down into hidden part of our minds (that mysterious unconscious that them psychologists tell us about), and lay there waiting for us? Could it be that the “other half” has been within us all along, waiting for us to reclaim it instead of fruitlessly searching for it outside of us?

Could be, could be. 😉


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