Sense and Insanity

It’s soothing to think that no human is 100% rational. A lot of times I observe human behaviour and think that doesn’t make sense (even of myself), and then I remember that we all have deeply animal roots going back millions of years and think oh, okay, the nonsensicalness does make sense, if that makes sense.  But there’s still that rational doubt that it’s just so weird!

I think that’s partly why I’m a druid, I can make a space for indulging my irrational self (myth, magic, miracles, etc) without losing a grasp on my ability to reason, and also I get in touch with parts of myself that may, under more rational circumstances, not be allowed to surface. Instinct, imagination and intuition must have evolved for a reason (reasonably explainable, lol).  But even if we do encourage those “non-rational” parts of us we can still maintain a “level head” (providing we have a level head in the first place), and therefore distinguish between the sacred power of wyrd and what us just plain weird!

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