Biodiversidad Virtual

…or Virtual Biodiversity.

It’s basically an online archive that stores information about the biodiversity of an area (or punto – point – as they call it), and which is available to the public.

Where I live is a punto BV, a place marked out to go and visit and do “testings”, which are days where a group of people take pictures of the wildlife that they find and upload it here: (sorry, it’s in Spanish, but just go to Galerías to see the sort of things you can find). There are a few experts that then look at the photos and try to identify them, and so we build up a picture of the biodiversity.

This was one of the objectives of a landstewardship scheme we’d signed, which was to survey the area and see what species lived there. But instead of getting a professional in we have willing volunteers that will take photographs and upload them on Biodiversidad Virtual.

Next may we have a group coming each Saturday during May for testings, so I will keep you informed!


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