Final Frontiers

“Space: the final frontier,” or so this well known phrase would have it. But is it the final frontier? Apparently we know more about space than we know about the depths of the oceans and seas of our own planet. Maybe seaQuest had it right and that “below beneath the surface [of the sea] lies the future”? We known more about what’s “out there” than “in here”.

But this is a good metaphor for our psychological life: we know more about what’s happening in the world around us than the hidden dimensions and dynamics of the human psyche, in a sense in our own “marine” depths. And yet, unbelievably, it is the closest thing to us. “Outer space” is a known quantity to us, but we are unaware of the depths that we carry around with us. And perhaps we have inexhaustible depths, worth a lifetime of exploration and discovery, both in terms of history and future development, a whole new adventure for the rest of our lives.

At least until another “final frontier” makes itself known to us. 😉

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