Making Sense

There is no sense in life to be had. You cannot have sense in your life because you are the sense in your life. You are a sense-maker. What does a sense-maker do in the Void? They make sense! That make sense? But it has to be made.
Later, because solipsism is actually impossible, you meet other sense-makers that have been making their own way in the Void too, and so you join them, and, synergistically, you build a sense between you greater than each standing alone. The Void starts filling; but then, as you look in detail at the Void you realise it responds and perhaps isn’t as empty as it looks. You realise that the Void is filled with all types of sense-makers, each making sense of their own existence and building a sense between themselves greater than its parts. The ecosphere is not empty, and has a deep-running sense that runs deep in us. It’s not that we’re born into a Void, but that we have lost contact with the ecological sense that surrounds us and our part in it. The other part is, of course, to make sense for ourselves, because the universe doesn’t give us all the sense we need; half of the work we have to do ourselves. And that is why we are sense-makers, in relation with a world full of living sense.


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