Spelling Reeform Experriment

Since Inglish haz such a complicated spelling sistem, izn’t it about time it woz simplifyd a bit? I meen, yoo understand whot I am saying, doan’t yoo? Thair’z a thred whair eech persan rites in thair oan way, yet, for the moast part, we can understand whot eech uther iz saying. The oanly problem iz that it takes longher to think when reeding, so it’s moar canveniant tu stic with canvenshen. I’m shur yoo’v understood me, but that it’s taken longher tu reed, and sum werdz yoo just doan’t understand without givving it sum thaut.

It happenz tu me reeding Spanish or French: sum dayz the brain just izn’t responding inuff tu understand whot’s being sed, but I persevveer.

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