Eco-Thought VII

There’s a place for “unpleasant” feelings. They tell us if something is not good for us, or when we’ve had enough of something. They tell us our limits. In my aikido training, I’m not forced into anything I don’t want to do or don’t feel like doing. Some falls and rolls I won’t do because I am scared and don’t know if I can do it (and if I do them wrong, I may injure myself). Or if I do something that hurts me, I know I’ve gone over my limits. There are times when I need to go over these limits, not because they are natural, but because they have been conditioned into me.

My own experience is that there is pain-fear that tells me something is bad for me. Another that stops me from developing my potential. My work is to distinguish between the two. Usually, one comes from the body’s own sensations, the other, from the “stories” that I have inherited from my culture and social conditioning. In this way, I can “overcome my fear” and transcend my limits with denying my natural sense of danger.


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