The Magic of Understanding

Magic is a way of making changes in your life the way you want or need, which is fine, but there’s more to it than “waving a magic wand”.  We can make changes and choose according to our desires, but without a key ingredient these changes and choices will not have any long lasting effects and may become overridden by what we don’t see. It’s like building a house without understanding the very ground you’re building on, which has an enormous effect on the structure of the house.

If we don’t understand the real possibilities and options present in life, how can we make effective changes? Haphazardly, that’s how. Sometimes, according to hidden patterns and forces, we may be lucky and get what we want to the letter, but sometimes we may be “unlucky” and it’ll work for a very short time and then fail, not work at all or blow up in our face. “Luck” is a word used to describe the vast swathes of ignorance and lack of control in our lives.

The basic work of a magician is to make changes, but the essential work of a magician is to enter into a process of expanding understanding and banishing ignorance, an effective magician will not base their work on “luck” but on a deepening understanding of the world within and without and also on self-transformation. Quite surprising, you wanted to change the world but you ended up transforming yourself! Not what we expected from magic,  eh?

With understanding we can make choices according to what we know and understand instead of falling prey to the vagaries of “luck”, but even more importantly the underlying structure of the magician’s mind is transformed by understanding, and the general trends and preferences it expresses follow suit. As we grow in understanding, life naturally changes.

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