Eco-Art: Movement

I’ve just finished an Eco-Art course, and I’ve decided, with a bit more time on my hands, I’d share some of the reflections and art here:

IMGP2697Yesterday it rained, and I watched the rain’s constant splashing on the house’s roof. I watched the effect as it hit the surface and expanded sideways. Afterwards I went for a walk with my dogs in the forest and saw that branches had bent lower with the weight of the water. There was a lot of silt that had been displaced down the valley, as temporary streams covered the paths. A tube we use to divert water to a small lake was blocked and the water was going another way. I unblocked it and the water once again went down it to reach the lake.

Everything is, was or will be in constant movement. The growth of plants towards the light shows their history of movement, bits of mould silently appear and we wonder “where did it come from?” Any change is a sign of movement. And as we sense things we are receiving signals that have moved through time and space to be sensed.

Water is really something that is in constant movement, and always in a state of flux from one state to another. I’ve just finished my painting Rain Splash, experimenting with water dropping down and hitting a surface, making its shapes. The water is “at rest”, and yet not at all. On a molecular scale it is drying, the moisture being absorbed into the paper or evaporating into the atmosphere.