The EU referendum

I usually try to stear clear of politics on this page and just talk “philosophically”, but until this issue I’ve never felt so acutely how politics can potentially affect my life. Specifically, the boon of free movement within the EU that has allowed me to live and work in Spain just as any Spaniard would. It’s possible that, even with leave, some agreements like this will remain in place, but now they are not so certain, and nor is my legal status as a immigrant.

Here is something I wrote on my Facebook in response to the leave result of the referendum:

52% is very close, and though it officially counts as a win, I think it’s too close to be totally conclusive. We have chosen, and that is the course we’ll take, but as a policial issue it will still be ever present. It hasn’t ended here. 48% made sure of that.
But since we have chosen, we’d better make a good go of “independence” (whatever it’s supposed to mean). No half-heartedness, not from the politicians or the public, otherwise this will not work and it will all have been for nothing.
Negotiations to leave may be long and messy, but I’m going to be watching closely and carefully so that it’s done in the best interests of the British economy and society. If not, we will all have been conned.
For me, this reflects that we were not sufficiently informed about our place in the EU, and we weren’t sufficiently active to inform ourselves about it. We took it for granted and lost it, and got the result that we deserve as a people. Now is the time to reflect on that and learn our lessons, about what we have lost and what we have gained. But always moving forward.
The UK wants to leave, but for the foreseeable future, I’m staying in Spain, especially with a baby on the way! My concern will be about my legal status and how easy/difficult it will be to live here. I’m grateful to the UK, the EU and Spain for the opportunity to live and move freely, and I hope this can continue.
I still have 5 years of voting I can do, and of being formally represented in Parliament by “my MP”. I think I have a few issues to raise with him.