Ecothought: Nature of the Soul

When I think of “me”, my ego identity, it isn’t the whole of me, just a fragment. The whole of me, my soul, is something higher, wider and deeper than anything I specifically identify with. It transcends. The body, seen by many as a mere container for the soul and/or ego, is closer to the wholeness of being than this “I”, so the body is closer to the soul than the ego… or it is the soul. It is higher, wider and deeper than the ego, and far closer to the wholeness of self than “I am…” The body transcends the ego.

My body isn’t a separate object, it is the convergence of many different interactions, connections and sensations. Everything is sensation, immersed in the webstrings of the senses. I do not need to search for a connection to nature, because I am nature, and it is only the fragment of the ego that takes seriously the illusion of being “disconnected.” My soul, my being, stretches and connects to the whole cosmos.

I am part of the continuum of nature. Nature is my soul.