Eco-Art: Autumn Blend

008This is something I did for my Eco-Art course last autumn…

I went for a walk with my dogs, and whilst I did that I searched for items that could be interesting in my artwork. I picked up leaves, twigs, twigs with leaves, stones, hazelnuts, nettle tree seeds, acorns, a feather and a snail shell. Then I wondered how I might make it into a “touch art”.

My idea was to put them into a little bag I have (perhaps a bit too little for all the things I have, I’ll get a bigger one) so that the only way to interact with them is to touch them, without removing. Some of the items reflect the time of year, and it would be interesting to make this a practice for each season.

I call it “Autumn Blend”, as it is composed of items from the autumn. What does the autumn feel like? The answer’s in the bag. I’m intrigued, since the whole point is not to look at all. I know what I put inside, but I’m intrigued by how it might feel.

Senses connect us with what is happening with our environment, but touching the items in the bag made me feel that I was also connecting with my own body. Through the senses we connect with the existence of our bodies, and I feel that though I use my touch often enough, perhaps I don’t pay as close attention to it as I normally do. It made me feel closer to the power of my own finger tips.

I think it may be one of the more concrete senses, in the sense that it is a reliable way of confirming the existence of something, even more reliable than “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I touched my cat and he reminded me that touch is a way to comfort oneself or another. If we feel lost or unbalanced, touch can help counter this.



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