Studying Ogham: Beith and beginnings

I’m taking part in a study of the Ogham on the Ancient Order of Druids of America’s new forum:

Each week a different few will be studied and meditated upon. Here are some of my reflections:

This morning I sat and did a meditation, repeating the name “beith”, visualising the image of the few at the same time and letting thoughts and images come to me.

There are no birch trees where I live; it is too hot and dry for them. But what there are are Aleppo pine Pinus halipensis, or “white pine” as we have nicknamed them, since it is paler than the red and black pines(pinus sylvestris and pinus nigra). Fifty years ago the land where I live was bare, covered with terraces for cultivation. Fifty years later, it is forest dominated by Aleppo pine, the first stage in the recovery of the forest. I wrote a blog about it here: (just realised that this was written exactly a year ago!)

Last night, I went to a place which for years has been too thick with undergrowth to access. Last night I managed to enter and find a few interesting places, and reach a terrace that I had only reached from the other side before. Ideas have come to me, and its an interesting place to get to know and begin to discover it.

Most important beginning for me is the one I’m expecting in Nov/Dec. Me and my partner are expecting a baby, a girl. We’ve been together ten years (5th Dec ’06 was when I first came to live here, close to the expected birth). It’s a new phase in ours lives and our relationship, and extremely new and different one. Our baby has already taken a place in our hearts, and I’m looking forward to fatherhood. Not just the beginning of a new life, but a new beginning in my life!


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