Patterns in Nature

IMGMore work from my Eco-Art work. This time recognising patterns in nature whilst on a walk with my dogs, and using a zentangle to represent it.

Patterns are used for several reasons: structure, form, transportation, communication, advertising, travel and conservation of energy. It depends on the pattern in question. There are so many purposes! Most of mine show patterns of how plants grow, veins on a leaf, rings of a tree, plant stalks and flowers, all of which have different purposes, multiple purposes.

For humans it can be very important to recognise these patterns, because they allow us to recognise what things are, what they are doing and how they are doing it, and whether they are good or bad for us! If we recognise them for what they are, patterns help us with identification, but they’re also how our lives are governed, through the structure of our body and senses, the structure of our behaviour and environment.

Whatever I say here is only a fraction of the benefit of sensing form and design. It encompasses most if not all life processes. Name one biological or ecological function and we’ll be met with a plethora of forms and designs. Form and design are the basis of my existence. Without them I couldn’t exist. “I am form and design, therefore I exist.”

I feel I’ve touched the tip of a very rich iceberg. I’ve observed a handful of precious patterns in nature, represented in the zentangle, and do you know what I figured? There’s an infinite variety of zentangles! Structure is omnipresent and of infinite variety and function. I feel there is a richness of pattern that we are ignorant of that gives life its own richness. I feel that there is a huge potential here for healing the human mind.


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