The Magic of Luis

Today I present some reflections on the Ogham few luis (pronounced lweesh). It’s assigned tree is the rowan (Sorbus aucuparia).

Protection, magic, enchantment, control of the senses, discernment. These are the associations I have read up on and used in my meditation.

“Control of the senses” brought to mind all the advertisement we see on TV or plastered around our towns and cities. We are “invaded” by it, enchanted by it, controlled by it. There are other things, signals and messages, that come in “under the radar” of our consciousness, not just in advertising, but in our media and everyday relations. We may be completely unconscious of them, take them for granted or simply don’t see them as important, though they affect us more than we think.
The protection of Rowan isn’t passive, like a shield or stone wall, it has to be active and conscious. It’s the protection of discernment, and analysis, remaining aware of what is happening to us, and counteract anything that will influences us in a bad way. In ceremonial magic a circle is often drawn to delineate “inside” and “outside”, keeping malefic powers at bay. We only invite in what we want within the circle and reject anything we don’t want.
Bit by bit, as we become aware of what influences us and how, we integrate their lessons and their enchantments subside. The unconscious is a great aperture through which anything may enter unnoticed. When we become aware of the unconscious and begin to analyse its dynamics and the comings and goings within it, we can begin to control what influences us, not letting our sense become overwhelmed or overridden by undesirable forces.


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